Interments until 1943

Russenfriedhof_Lager 7_1943_ArchivThe first non-German victims in the development area were initially buried close to their camps on the municipal cemeteries and those belonging to churches. Because of the growing death rate provisional cemeteries were also established. So-called “wild cemeteries” were created, especially near the Soviet camps for prisoners of war.

An exception was made for deceased Italians. Until the fall of 1943, they were buried on the Catholic cemetery in Wolfenbüttel. About 170 dead persons from the concentration camp Drütte were cremated in Braunschweig between November 1942 and April 1943. Their urns were not interred at the main cemetery Am Brodweg until after the war. Between May 1943 and the establishment of the Jammertal cemetery the concentration camp prisoners were laid to rest on the Westerholz cemetery.