Several tens of thousands of people came to the Salzgitter area as forcibly deported and displaced persons. Thousands of them were deliberately murdered or lost their lives because of the catastrophic conditions of life and the hard work.

Russenfriedhof_Lager 7_1943_Archiv
Interments until 1943
The first non-German victims were initially buried on civilian cemeteries in the vicinity of the camp. Due to the growing number of deaths provisional cemeteries were also set up. The first victims from the concentration camp Drütte were taken to the crematorium in Braunschweig.


Cemetery Westerholz

The old municipal cemetery at Hallendorf had to make way for the Reichswerke. Instead, a new area in nearby Westerholz was made available. Especially those who had died in the “work education camp” – Lager 21 were buried there.

FH Jammertal mit Info-Tafeln

Cemetery for Foreigners Jammertal
Due to the constantly rising death rate the so-called “cemetery for foreigners” Jammertal was established in the early summer of 1943 for all non-German victims from the municipal area. The area was made available by the Reichswerke „Hermann-Göring.“ Several thousands of people were buried there.